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Tank poured Mini Casks.

Bringing cask beer home, 5L mini casks of our latest beers.

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There's always time 3.9% Dry hopped session pale with scents of fresh citrus. 

Harambee Pasadia 4.4% A rum and ginger inspired amber with a rich malty base.

Create the Impossible 5.3% A pale ale in new england style with intense tropical fruit aromas.

Widening the Horizon 3.9% Mango, lime and cracked pepper pale ale.

Concept of Space 5.3% A decadent stout which flavours of rich cocoa.

Discover these Qualities 5.3% A milkshake pale cut with tart ripe raspberry.

Be Curious 4.1% US hopped session pale with a fresh aroma of citrus.